Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Turbot Guardrails is deeply integrated with Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

  • Guardrails provides dozens of GCP mods, with policies and controls covering a wide range of GCP resource types.
  • Guardrails' extensive IAM integration allows you to federate GCP access and manage your GCP permissions through Guardrails.
  • Guardrails' event handlers keep the Guardrails CMDB up to date as resources are created, modified, and destroyed, allowing policy enforcement in real time.
  • Guardrails shows all activity in your GCP projects - you can quickly see what happened, who made the change, when the activity occurred, and exactly what changed.

Getting started with Guardrails for GCP

  1. Import a GCP Project into a Guardrails Folder
  2. Set up GCP Real-Time Events
  3. Enable GCP Services that you will use
  4. Configure Permissions Policies to allow Guardrails to manage GCP permissions for your users

Further Reading