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Fast, friendly, clever.

Humility to learn, and the courage to lead. At Turbot, our mission is to unlock the value of the cloud for enterprises through innovation, insight, and speed.

Open positions

Are you interested in joining the Turbot team, but don't see a position that currently matches your qualifications? We focus more on the person than the role, so please submit a general application!

Life at Turbot

Across our teams, we share excitement for innovation that we balance with a fun, integrated company culture.

Turbot Integrated 2022 team photo

∫ (Turbot Integrated) 2022: Our first company-wide, in-person conference since 2019 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Turbot chefs

We have some serious 🌶 chefs!

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We stay connected around the world! 🌏

Turbot Legos

At Turbot, we ❤ building software and Lego!

Connected Team

Our team spans 9 time zones, 7 countries, and 5 continents! We stay connected with our users, communities, partners, and each other using video and Slack.


Work with brilliant technologists that are diverse, passionate, fun, and all-around awesome!

Impactful Work

We are solving tough problems and always aspire to develop elegant and simple software solutions that make our users' lives better.


Innovation - cloud technologies have been the status quo for a decade. Smart companies that move fast and thrive on innovation have a huge competitive advantage.


We have deep pride and commitment to Turbot, our products, and our customers! You will be in a position to make an impact on all of them, every day! This creates abundant opportunities for those looking to grow their skills and responsibilities in pursuit of those goals.

"High Agency... It really is the single most important thing to think about in personal development and maintaining high performance over time."
— Nathan Wallace, Founder & CEO Turbot

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Turbot team located?

Our employees are based in Australia, India, the USA, and the UK. We work in a fully distributed model. Our roles are based on specific locations for timezone and operational considerations.

I understand the distributed setup, but do you ever meet up?

We believe that it is important to meet up face-to-face periodically; to spike new projects, dive into hackathons, and get to know new team members. We also just like to hang out and spend time together!

Some of our past meet-ups have been in the United States (Las Vegas, San Francisco, Florida, and New Jersey among others), India (Goa), and most recently Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).

What is Turbot's hiring process?

Hiring process

What benefits do you offer?

Turbot offers a great, competitive set of benefits to our employees. Some are global (e.g. vacation time - please use it!) while others are localized (health, retirement savings, etc.). We'll be happy to share full details based on your location as part of the hiring process.

Global benefits

Tell me more about Turbot. What does it do?

Turbot builds software!

Turbot Guardrails is a cloud governance platform that automates guardrails across cloud services, enabling organizations to achieve security, compliance, cost, and operational objectives.

Turbot Pipes is a cloud intelligence, automation & security platform built specifically for DevOps.

Do you do anything open-source?

Yes! Steampipe is our open-source zero-ETL tool to live query over 140 APIs, code & more with SQL.

Also Powerpipe is our open-source dashboards for DevOps tool to visualize cloud configurations and assess security posture with pre-built dashboards, and build custom interactive dashboards with code.

And Flowpipe is our open-source cloud scripting engine that enables automation and workflow to connect your clouds to the people, systems and data that matter.

What tools do you use internally, and what is your tech stack?

We collaborate in Slack. We video chat in Zoom and Google Meet. We organize ourselves using Google Workspace and HiBob. We share code using GitHub, support customers with Zendesk, and develop using our personally preferred tools (VS Code, Vim, WebStorm). Our code is usually Golang, JavaScript, SQL, GraphQL, HCL, Python, Jinja, and YAML.