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Our Values

We do work that matters. Work that changes the world, one positive step at a time.

We are driven by passion, guided by self-awareness and united by trust. Our ideas, execution and integrity inspire those around us.

We achieve success by delivering exceptional value. We have high expectations of ourselves, and each other - bringing our vision to life.

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Our Behaviors

Teamwork - We love working together on shared goals. We value ideas from different backgrounds and communities. Great things are forged through debate, not compromise.

Unstoppable - We are calm, focused, and determined. We face facts and believe in ourselves. Enjoy the ride.

Reflection - We enjoy our successes, openly discuss obstacles and constantly improve our approach. Learning follows doing.

Boldness - We are ambitious, driven, and determined. We have the courage to lead and make difficult decisions. Momentum breeds confidence.

Integrity - We are honest, consistent, and accountable for our actions. Strive to do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Exploration - We iterate on ideas, challenge assumptions and seek the truth. Work should have a sense of adventure.

Life at Turbot
Turbot team 2022

∫ Turbot Integrated is our annual company meeting - 2022 was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We also hold regional meetings throughout the year to dive into projects & stay connected.

Turbot Zoom call screenshot

We live in Slack (async) and video chat (sync). In this case, our weekly product meeting got a bit out of hand.