Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section provides answers to commonly asked questions. For Enterprise specific questions relating to infrastructure and deployment, refer to our Enterprise FAQ.

Provider Specific FAQ

AWS FAQFAQ regarding AWS and Guardrails.
Guardrails and AWS SCPsGeneral information regarding Guardrails and AWS SCPs
AWS Permissions Use CaseAWS Permissions Use Case
Azure FAQFAQ regarding Azure and Guardrails
GCP FAQFAQ regarding GCP and Guardrails

General FAQ

Guardrails FAQFAQ regarding the Turbot Guardrails application and company.
Turbot Guardrails EnterpriseQuestions about Turbot Guardrails Enterprise, the standalone installation of Guardrails
Calculated PoliciesAn introduction to Calculated Policies.
Terraform FAQCommon Terraform questions.