Turbot Guardrails provides enterprise guardrails for infrastructure platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Balancing agility with controls requires a clear and simple set of beliefs guiding our designs and trade-off decisions. This section outlines how Guardrails thinks about enterprise controls for infrastructure governance and outlines the beliefs, models and assumptions Turbot Guardrails has defined to create those guardrails - providing organizations with a working balance between agility and compliance.

ControlsControls enforce policies
GuardrailsStandard guardrails provide a consistent set of controls and policies
Identity and Access Management (IAM)Guardrails provides a flexible IAM model for authentication and authorization
NotificationsNotifications represent events in the lifecycle of your infrastructure
PoliciesPolicies manage configuration settings
ProcessesProcesses perform work
ResourcesResources represent objects that are managed by Guardrails