Microsoft Azure


Turbot Guardrails is deeply integrated with Microsoft Azure.

  • Guardrails provides dozens of Azure mods, with policies and controls for Azure resource types.
  • Guardrails extensive IAM integration allows you to federate Azure access and manage your Azure permissions through the Guardrails console and API.
  • Guardrails event handlers/pollers keep the Guardrails CMDB up to date as Azure resources are created, modified and destroyed; allowing policy enforcement in real time.
  • Guardrails shows all activity in your Azure subscriptions - you can quickly see what happened, who made the change, when the activity occurred, and exactly what changed.

Getting started with Guardrails for Azure

  1. Import Azure Resources. These are in the recommended order to import, but not all sections will apply to all organizations:

  2. Set up the Azure Real-Time Events to keep Turbot CMDB up to date

  3. Enable Azure Services that you will use

  4. Configure Permissions Policies to allow Turbot to manage Azure permissions for your users

Further Reading