A Workspace provides a bounded context for managing, operating, and securing Steampipe resources. A workspace comprises a single Steampipe database instance as well as a directory of mod resources such as queries, benchmarks, and controls. Workspaces allow you to separate your Steampipe instances for security, operational, or organizational purposes.

The Steampipe workspace database instance is hosted in Turbot Pipes, and available via a public Postgres endpoint. You can query the workspace from the Turbot Pipes web console, run queries or controls from a remote Steampipe CLI instance, or connect to your workspace from many third-party tools.

Creating Workspaces

You can create workspaces from the Workspaces tab for your developer account or organization. From the Workspaces tab, click New Workspace. Note that if the New Workspace button is disabled, you have likely reached a limit for your plan.

If you are on a paid plan, you may select the instance type for your workspace. Select the instance type that meets your capacity, performance, capability, and cost requirements.

Each workspace must have a handle. The workspace handle is a friendly identifier for your workspace, and must be unique across your workspaces. You can change the handle later, but note that the DNS name for your workspace includes the handle. If you change the handle, your workspace's DNS name will also change. Enter a handle for your workspace and click Create Workspace.

If you have no connections defined, you will be prompted to create one. In order to query data, you'll need at least one connection. Click one of the plugins from the list. Enter the required settings for the plugin. You can verify your credentials using the Test Connection button, and then click Create.

You will be prompted to add a connection to the workspace that you just created. Select the connection that you wish to add and click Add to Workspace if you would like to add a connection to your workspace at this time.

If the connection you added has mods associated with it, you will be prompted to add mods to the workspace that you just created. Select the mods you wish to install and click Install Mods if you would like to add mods to your workspace at this time.

Deleting Workspaces

You can delete a workspace from its Settings tab. From the Workspaces tab for your developer account or organization, click on the workspace you wish to delete. On the workspace page, go to the Settings tab, select Advanced from the menu on the left, and click Delete workspace. You will be prompted to confirm deletion; enter the workspace name and click Delete.

Workspace Maintenance

Your workspace may be updated and rebooted during the weekly maintenance window, Sundays 2:00am - 5:00am EST/EDT. This window is not currently configurable.

During maintenance, your workspaces will be updated to the latest Steampipe version and the latest plugin versions. At this time, you cannot opt out of the weekly update.

Sleeping, Waking, and Rebooting Workspaces

After a workspace has been created, it is in the enabled state - the workspace database is running and available and any scheduled pipelines will run. If no one accesses the database for 4 days, the workspace will be put to sleep and the status changed to disabled. You can wake up (enable) the workspace from the console. Simply click Wake Up in the banner that appears at the top of your sleeping workspace.

You can also Wake Up (enable), Sleep (disable) or Reboot your workspace from the Settings / Advanced page for your workspace.

Workspace States

creatingThe workspace is being created but is not yet available.
enablingThe workspace database is being started. Pipelines and datatanks are being enabled to run as scheduled.
enabledThe workspace database is running and available in the API and via SQL. Pipelines and datatanks are running as scheduled.
disablingThe workspace database is being shut down . All pipelines and datatanks are being disabled.
disabledThe workspace database is shut down and users cannot access it. All pipelines and datatanks are disabled.
deletedThe workspace has been deleted.