Turbot Pipes users can create their own connections and workspace, but they are not shared with other users. Steampipe Organizations, on the other hand, include multiple users and are intended for organizations to collaborate and share workspaces and connections.

Creating Organizations

To create an organization, select the double arrow button from the navigation at the top of the page, and select Create Organization from the menu. Select a unique handle for your organization. This handle must be a unique name across all user accounts and organizations. Optionally, expand the Profile and set a Logo URL (publicly accessible URL for the organization's logo) and URL (publicly accessible URL for the organization). Click Create Organization.

Managing Workspaces & Connections

To manage an organization, select the double arrow button from the navigation at the top of the page, and select the organization that you wish to manage. You can manage workspaces and connections for your organization in the same manner as for your user account.

Managing Users

You can add and remove users from the People tab on your organization page. To invite a user to your organization, click Invite User. Enter an email address or the user handle of an existing user and select a role for the user, and click Add:

MemberCan be granted permissions in workspaces and see members of the organization. Members are not granted access to any workspaces by default.
OwnerHave full administrative rights to the organization including complete access to all workspaces, connections, users, groups and permissions. Owners are essentially superusers in the organization -- they have full access to all workspaces implicitly, and their access cannot be removed at the workspace level.

To revoke access from a user, select the options menu button (hamburger) to the right of the user and click Remove. Note that Org Owners have implicit access to all workspaces in the organization, and you cannot revoke their access at the workspace level.

Profile Settings

On the Settings page for your organization, click Profile from the left hand menu to manage your profile data. You can modify your organization's Display Name or Avatar URL.

Updating Your Organization Handle

You can update your organization handle at any time. Note, however, that your workspace DNS names all contain your organization handle; changing it will result in changing the DNS name for ALL of your organization's workspaces.

On the Settings page for your user, click Advanced from the left hand menu. Enter your new handle and click Save.

Reset Authentication

Once users have been added to your organization, they will be able to authenticate against it according to the permissions they were granted. This can be using either temporary tokens issued via console or CLI login, or with tokens managed via their user profile settings.

If you wish to reset authentication in your organization for any currently issued tokens, you can do so by going to the Settings page for your organization, then clicking Advanced from the left hand menu. From here you'll find a Reset authentication section. Clicking the Reset authentication button will reset authentication for all existing temporary and user tokens.

This will immediately remove console access to the organization for all users, prompting them to log in again. Any users who wish the access your organization via the API will also be required to generate a new user token.

Deleting Organizations

To delete an organization, select the double arrow button from the navigation at the top of the page and select the organization. Go to the Settings tab and click Advanced. Click Delete Organization. You will be prompted to confirm deletion. Enter the organization handle and click Delete.