An Aggregator allows you to query data from multiple connections as if they are a single connection. For example, using aggregators, you can query multiple AWS accounts from a single table. Unlike connections, aggregators cannot be defined at the identity level or shared across workspaces - they can only be created at the workspace level.

When you add a connection to a workspace in Pipes, you will be prompted to create an aggregator if you have 2 or more connections of the plugin type and you don't already have an aggregator.

In the below screenshot we're adding a second Net connection to the workspace named all_net. By default Pipes will suggest creating an aggregator that targets all Net connections in the workspace.

This will mean that as more Net connections are added to the workspace, they will automatically be included in the all_net aggregator.

If you don't want to include all connections, you can match using wildcards. In the below screenshot we've added net*, which will match all connections that start with net. We also allow you to choose from the existing connections in the workspace to target specific ones.

To access the aggregators, navigate to your workspace and go to Settings > Connections. You will see a list of connections and aggregators for the workspace. Click on an aggregator to view it. The Connections tab will list the connections that are currently included in the aggregator. You can change the matching rules of the aggregator by clicking Manage connections and entering your desired connections. We will give you an indication of how many connections have been matched by the proposed config. Once happy, click Update.

Adding & Removing Aggregators

You can add and remove connections from the Settings tab for your workspace. Navigate to your workspace, go to the Settings tab, then click Connections from the menu on the left to see a list the connections that are currently attached to the workspace. Click the Add Connection button to add a connection to your workspace. To remove the connection from a workspace, click the options menu ('three dots' button) to the right of the connection, select Remove from the menu.

Alternatively, you can attach connections to your workspace from the Connections tab for your developer account or organization. Navigate to your user account or organization, and click Connections. You will see a list of connections. Click on a connection in the list to view it. The Workspaces tab will list the workspaces that are currently using the connection. You can attach the connection to another workspace with the Add to Workspace button. To remove the connection from a workspace, click the options menu ('three dots' button) to the right of the workspace, select Remove from the menu.