The Activity tab provides visibility into the events that occur in your Turbot Pipes environment.

Audit Log

The Audit Log provides a log of API activity associated with your user, organization, or workspace, including who did what and when.

  • To view the audit log for your workspace, click Audit Log on the Activity page for the workspace.
  • To view the audit log for your user or organization, click Audit Log on the Settings page for the user or organization.

DB Logs

Turbot Pipes provides a log of the queries that have been run against your workspace. To view the query logs, go to the Activity tab for your workspace, then select DB Log from the menu on the left.


Many Turbot Pipes APIs perform tasks asynchronously. These tasks include one-time requests (install a mod into a workspace), recurring system tasks (update the workspace container image and plugins every week), and user-scheduled activities (create a snapshot of the AWS CIS v1.5.0 Benchmark every day). Steampipe Processes provide visibility into these activities.

To view your processes, navigate to either your own identity or workspace Activity tab and then to the Processes left-nav. Here you'll find a list of processes with a link to the detail for each.

If you click into a process in the list, you'll see the status, which user initiated it and where applicable, a link to the pipeline for it.

You'll also see detailed logs, with expandable and copyable data where available.