Cloud Governance Features | Turbot Cloud Governance Platform

Native cloud agility, with Guardrails

Self-service. Direct Console Access.

With Turbot, Application teams use single sign in to the AWS Console, Azure Portal and Google Cloud Console to manage resources, and develop applications using AWS, Azure & GCP APIs.

Leverage the entire Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform ecosystem of knowledge and tools, benefiting immediately from every cloud innovation and improvement.

No abstractions, just direct access within automated policy guardrails.

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Guardrails to optimize multi-cloud configuration & setup.    Learn more

  • Separate AWS, Azure & GCP accounts
    Separate apps into different cloud accounts for easier management & control.
  • User & Permission management
    LDAP & SAML integration with predefined policies. Simple cross account user management.
  • Audit trail & Log management
    Ensure audit logging of all actions, with named users and protection of records.
  • Data protection
    Automatic encryption, backup, rotation and deletion protection for all data.
  • Monitoring
    Automatic setup and removal of monitoring with centralized alarms & ticketing.
  • Credential management
    Management of credentials, with reminders and automatic rotation.
  • Network & firewall management
    Simple, predefined security group rules, automatically managed across accounts.
  • Whitelist Services, AMIs & DB engines
    Control which services, server images and databases can be used in accounts.

Manage hundreds of cloud accounts

Turbot automatically manages access, permissions, policies and best practices across all your AWS, Azure & GCP accounts.

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Empower independent app teams

  • Isolate apps into separate AWS, Azure & GCP accounts.
  • Simple, strong governance boundary.
  • Protect resources, network & data.
  • Delegate control of cost & change.

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Enterprise controls, reimagined for cloud.

Full-stack Identity, Access & Permissions

Turbot's simple, yet powerful, model for identity and access is implemented right through from single sign on with LDAP & SAML to detailed AWS, Azure & GCP permission mappings.

A simple user interface, and a clearly defined hierarchy of trust allows your users to make simple, safe decisions about permissions and leave the complex, heavy lifting of policy management to Turbot.

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Application & network isolation only possible with the cloud

Cloud applications and DevOps teams dynamically manage their own infrastructure. Traditional models with shared resources, flat network topologies and central change teams do not translate smoothly to this model.

Turbot separates each application environment into it's own AWS, Azure & GCP account creating isolation at the IAM, change, network, resource and data levels. Safely segregated, your teams are free to manage application infrastructure within automated, centrally managed policy guardrails.

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Powerful Policy Engine

  • Hierarchy of controls
    Simple, and flexible definition of policy controls at the Cluster, Account or Resource level.
  • Enforce, or Recommend
    Enforce enterprise policies, recommend defaults, manage exceptions.
  • Predefined best practices
    Best practice policies are provided by Turbot, safely accelerating cloud adoption.

Be best practice. Experiment, learn & automate.

Centralized support, access & policy control.

  • Central access to all cloud accounts & resources.
  • Support & monitor independent app teams.
  • Define & deploy policies across accounts.
  • Learn, share & automate best practices.
  • View & report on whole environment.

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Intelligent automation, detection & repair.

  • Create S3 bucket ... its policy is set.
  • Change server ... security groups checked.
  • Stop server ... monitoring is removed.
  • Start DB ... monitoring is added.
  • Delete DB ... snapshots are protected.
  • User leaves ... account is disabled.
  • Start unencrypted Redshift ... it's stopped.
  • & many, many more.

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Experiment safely.
Accelerate experience.

  1. Experiment safely.
  2. Learn & share.
  3. Automate.
  4. Repeat.

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Add Turbot to your cloud team

From Zero to Enterprise Best Practice. Automated.

With Turbot on your team, safely accelerate cloud adoption.     Learn more

  • Get control (Lockdown)
    Lockdown a secure baseline for services, permissions, networks and access.
  • Maintain control (Guardrails)
    Add automated policy enforcement, with drift detection & repair.
  • Protect applications (Isolation)
    Separate applications for control, cost, network access and change management.
  • Clarify responsibilities (IAM)
    Establish a hierarchy of permissions with clear ownership, named users & activity audit trails.
  • Empower (Self Service)
    Self service and infrastruction automation by app teams within policy guardrails.
  • Accelerate (DevOps)
    Monitor applications, support teams and automate best practices.

Integrates with your systems ...

LDAP, SAML & Network
Monitoring & Tickets
3rd party tools

... grows with your team

Turbot API & SDK
Expand with plugins
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