Guardrails for audit change control

Observe and log activity to ensure security, compliance, stability, and accountability.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - May 01, 2020
Observe and log activity to ensure security, compliance, stability, and accountability.

To effectively govern your cloud environments you need to know who changed what, when. Robust auditing delivers these benefits.

  • Security: promptly detect and respond to unauthorized changes.
  • Compliance: ensure conformity with relevant regulatory frameworks.
  • Stability: mitigate service disruptions that could stem from unforeseen alterations.
  • Accountability: accurately attribute changes and foster a culture of responsibility.

Turbot Guardrails automates the logging of user activity in AWS, Azure, and GCP, to ensure that specified services are configured to log consistently and that they can seamlessly integrate with your SIEM tools. Guardrails' event-driven architecture enables it to instantly update its Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with every change.

Here are some of the ways Guardrails helps you audit your cloud environments.

Detailed activity tracking

Keep track of all non-read (create, update, delete) activities across your cloud environments. This complete audit trail brings transparency and accountability to your asset management process.

Configuration drift reporting

Stay informed about the state of your cloud assets with our configuration drift reporting, complete with visualizations. Use the comprehensive audit trail of changes to maintain alignment with your desired state.

Instant change notifications

Stay informed with notifications about resource creation, update, and deletion. Receive realtime alerts via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Seamless integration with SIEM and reporting tools

Stream notifications to ServiceNow, JIRA, or various SIEMs. You can also query for audit data using our GraphQL API. Or you can use Turbot Pipes to query with SQL, directly in Pipes or with a connected BI tool.

Automated access logging

Enable and store access logging information effortlessly with Turbot Guardrails. These logs provide insights into the nature of requests to your cloud resources; they inform both security and operational decisions.


Guardrails' central control over data helps you ensure compliance with regulations. It's especially useful for data that is subject to regulations requiring evidence of ongoing evaluation of changes.

Get started with Turbot Guardrails

Turbot Guardrails delivers realtime visibility into, and comprehensive control over, your cloud asset management across AWS, Azure, and GCP. For questions, use cases, or further exploration of how Turbot can aid your cloud governance journey, feel free to Connect with us. We're here to help.