Guardrails for cost control

Realize immediate savings and avoid unnecessary new costs.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Apr 19, 2020
Realize immediate savings and avoid unnecessary new costs.

According to Gartner, organizations without proper cost controls in place can easily overspend by as much as 70%. Turbot Guardrails proactively monitors AWS, Azure, and GCP to ensure that resources are created and used in ways that conform to your cost-control policies.

Here are some common ways to control costs with Guardrails.

Add context to your resources

Enhance your cost reporting by adding descriptive tags or metadata to resources. Guardrails can automate context-sensitive resource tagging to help identify cost centers, resource ownership, purpose, and environment type, so it's easier to allocate costs and manage resources efficiently.

Remove overused resources

To address overused resources, identify long-running resources that can be stopped intermittently — such as those in non-production environments. Then create a policy to stop them at specified intervals.

To tackle overprovisioning, create policies that target inactive resources and enforce their removal.

Policy setting to delete inactive internet gateway

Rightsize underused resources

Analyze your inventory and utilization metrics to identify underused resources, such as large compute, database and container instances. Turbort Guardrails can find when when a resources was last used, so you can determine whether to consider it inactive.

Eliminate abandoned resources

Detect and remove resources that are no longer in use, such as unassociated load balancers, idle databases, network gateways without routed resources, and unattached storage volumes.

Upgrade to newer resource generations

Switch to the latest generation of cloud resources for better performance, capacity, and cost-efficiency. Turbot Guardrails can help identify and correct misconfigurations, so you can meet your application's storage, compute, and memory needs while optimizing cost.

Policy setting to approve new instance types

Manage stale data and storage tiers

Set policies to define data staleness, and review snapshots or tables exceeding those limits. Consider moving data to a different storage tier to reduce costs for infrequently-accessed or low-latency data.

Monitor cost variance and spikes

To keep a close eye on your budget, set thresholds and alert your team when unexpected cost spikes occur. Guardrails can trigger based on budget thresholds to prevent activity — or optimize by deleting or stopping costly resources.

Calculated policy to set budget amount

Make exceptions to the rule

Guardrails' robust hierarchical exception model makes it easy to set global rules and then — without complex coding — create exceptions for specific accounts, regions, or resources.

Get Started with Guardrails

Enforcing cost guardrails is crucial to the maintenance of an organized and cost-optimized cloud environment. Turbot Guardrails delivers a powerful and flexible way to manage and enforce cost controls across various cloud resources.

Are you on a tight budget? We would love to show you how Guardrails' policy-driven automation can help you stay within it. Connect with us to discuss your use cases and learn how Turbot can streamline your cost-control efforts across AWS, Azure and GCP.