Cloud scale configuration management database (CMDB)

Guardrails' event-based engine keeps your asset inventory up to date.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jun 07, 2020
Guardrails' event-based engine keeps your asset inventory up to date.

Turbot's Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a key component in Turbot to discover, track, and organize your resources in realtime, equipped with powerful search, visualization, and reporting tools.

With Turbot's CMDB, your cloud asset inventory is centrally managed, always updated and consistently managed across AWS, Azure and GCP.

Here are the key features of Turbot's CMDB for cloud asset management:

Comprehensive cloud service coverage

Supporting over 650+ cloud services, Turbot's CMDB provides one of the most extensive coverage for resource types. Manage your resources across AWS, Azure, and GCP with confidence.

Instant resource updates

New resources and any occurring changes are discovered and immediately reflected in the database. This realtime, event-based update mechanism ensures your asset inventory always remains current.

Intelligent asset categorization

Every resource is automatically typed and categorized, neatly organized within the resource hierarchy. Resources can be grouped together by types and categories for cross cloud reporting (e.g. show me my networking resources across AWS, Azure and GCP).

Detailed activity tracking

Keep track of all non-read (create, update, delete) activities across your cloud environments. This complete audit trail brings transparency and accountability to your asset management process.

Configuration drift reporting

Stay informed about your cloud asset state with our configuration drift reporting, complete with visualizations. Maintain alignment with your desired state through this comprehensive audit trail of changes.

Continuous Cloud CMDB Sync with ServiceNow & Turbot Guardrails

Supercharge your ServiceNow CMDB with real-time syncing of AWS, Azure, and GCP resources to increase visibility & accuracy.

Simplified resource exploration, search, and reporting

Instantly explore resources, perform searches, and generate reports right from the console. Find the information you need without delay. Share reports with authenticated users, export to common formats like JSON, CSV.

Extensive integration options

With support for GraphQL API (compatible with any SDK), Turbot CLI, and SQL using Turbot Pipes, you can choose the best way to search and report with your favorite programming languages and tools. With Turbot Pipes you can also integrate with Guardrails using any Postgres client (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau, etc).

Resource change notifications

Stay informed with notifications for resource creation, update, and deletion. Realtime alerts keep you aware of every change in your cloud assets. Notifications can also stream to any cloud service such as ServiceNow, JIRA, and various SIEMs.

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