Guardrails for tagging

Powerful no-code/low-code tagging automation for AWS, Azure and GCP.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jan 05, 2020
Powerful no-code/low-code tagging automation for AWS, Azure and GCP.

Guardrails can monitor millions of cloud resources in realtime and, when it finds mistagged resources, remediate or alert your team, so your cloud stays continuously compliant. Our cloud operations platform empowers you to build your own tagging remediation code without the hassle of deployment, monitoring, and maintenance.

Here are some of the ways to improve your tagging discipline with Guardrails.

Resources without tags

Continuously monitor your cloud environment and trigger alerts when resources are created without required tags. This ensures all cloud assets are properly labeled, so your organization can better observe and control your resources.

Enable tagging policy setting

Apply default values for missing tags

When resources are created without required tags, Guardrails can automatically apply them with default values based creator, account, environment (dev/stage/prod), or any other criteria you can dream up. This reduces manual intervention and ensures that FinOps (and other automation that relies on tag values) always has the right context for effective tracking and reporting.

Enrich with metadata from other systems

Use external data to validate existing tags and apply additional metadata from sources such as finance systems, service catalogs, CMDBs, or SaaS tools. This enrichment provides valuable context for managing integrations, and helps ensure that tags are accurate and up-to-date.

Import of Service Now cost center information

Harmonize tags across multiple accounts

Turbot helps unify disparate tagging strategies across multiple accounts, and enables a consistent approach to resource management. This consistency is particularly useful during mergers and acquisitions, in order to align the tagging practices of different organizations.

Remediate non-standard tags

Detect and clean up non-standard tag keys and values across your cloud resources. This remediation ensures consistent adherence to your organization's tagging policies, and simplifies resource management and reporting.

Existing Tags

- environment: prd
- CostCenter: scranton-1138
- owner: dwight


- prd
- Prod
- prod

Transformed Tags

- environment: production
- CostCenter: scranton-1138
- owner: dwight

Standardize tags across clouds

Enforce standardized tagging practices across AWS, Azure, and GCP. This cross-cloud standardization simplifies resource tracking and cost optimization in multi-cloud scenarios.

Identify resource ownership

Automatically assign and track resource ownership based on creator or location. This tracking information enables teams to respond to incidents faster, resolve issues more easily, and manage resources more effectively.

resource {
turbot{ tags }
{% if $.resource.metadata.createdBy %}
- "creator": "{{ $.resource.metadata.createdBy }}"
{% endif %}
{% if $.resource.metadata.createTimestamp %}
- "createTimestamp": "{{ $.resource.metadata.createTimestamp }}"
{% endif %}

Make exceptions to the rule

Guardrails' robust hierarchical exception model makes it easy to set global rules and then — without complex coding — create exceptions for specific accounts, regions, or resources.

Get Started with Guardrails

Cloud tagging strategies are a crucial aspect of maintaining an organized, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment. Turbot Guardrails delivers a powerful and flexible way to manage and enforce tagging requirements across diverse cloud resources.

Do you have complex tagging requirements? We would love to show you how Guardrails can meet those requirements with our policy-driven automation and a little magic. Connect with us to discuss your use cases and learn how Turbot can streamline your cloud tagging efforts across AWS, Azure and GCP.