Managed deployments with drift correction

Self-healing managed multiple deployments across multi-cloud environments.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jul 11, 2020
Self-healing managed multiple deployments across multi-cloud environments.

Turbot's managed deployments are a key component of Turbot's comprehensive suite, facilitating streamlined deployment, configuration, management and automated drift correction of your cloud resources using Turbot Managed Stacks.

With Turbot's managed deployments, you can centrally manage multiple deployments across multi-cloud environments and ensure your deployments do not accidentally drift in runtime.

Here are the key features of Turbot's managed deployments.

Policy-based Terraform deployments

Leverage the power of Turbot’s Cloud Policy Engine for your Terraform deployments. This allows for the application of stated policies, inheritance, exceptions, conditional logic, and more to your networking, identity, logging, and other resources. Deploy these resources centrally across your multi-cloud account structure, making the most out of Turbot's policy engine.

Centralized deployment management

Single pane for centralized deployment, configuration, and management of related resources, ensuring consistency and streamlined operations across your multi-cloud environment. Track activity of your deployments and resource configuration drift history from your deployments.

Automated drift correction

Automatically manages the state of your resources, correcting any configuration drift in real-time. Any changes to the underlying resources trigger the resource's Configured control, allowing Turbot to automatically reapply the configuration according to the policy. This proactive drift correction ensures continuous alignment with your deployment desired state and maintains compliance with their initial configuration during runtime.

Hierarchical stacks

Each Managed Stack operates under a single Source policy that specifies the Terraform configuration, variables, and versions. These can be set on different scopes such as the account, region, resource group, etc layers of the hierarchy. A regional stack may deploy networks, while an account level stack deploys global resources like identities. These policies are then set across one or many accounts in the resource hierarchy scope.

Context and logic based Templating

Take your Terraform to the next level using cloud resource context combined with a powerful inline templating engine (Nunjucks) to dynamically write the Terraform code needed for specialized use cases and exception management.

Manage Terraform with Terraform

Embrace even more Terraform in your cloud governance process! Efficiently manage Turbot Guardrail configurations using Terraform for a consistent and streamlined end-to-end deployment experience.

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Turbot provides a robust, real-time, and automated solution for managing your cloud resources. With Turbot's managed deployments, you can confidently navigate the complexities of resource management across multi-cloud environments. Ready to experience Turbot's magic for yourself? Connect with us to discuss your use cases and learn how Turbot can streamline your cloud governance.