Guardrails for cloud landing zones

Create cloud landing zones that scale securely and efficiently.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jun 19, 2020
Create cloud landing zones that scale securely and efficiently.

Setting up landing zones in your cloud environment is a critical part of ensuring a secure, scalable, and well-governed multi-account architecture. Turbot pioneered this approach in 2015, and Guardrails builds on that expertise with a comprehensive solution that enables you to establish and manage landing zones across AWS, Azure, and GCP. When landing zones diverge from your set policies, Turbot can take immediate action to ensure your cloud stays continuously well-governed and secure.

Here are some ways Guardrails helps you implement landing zones.

Automate landing zone creation

Simplify the process of creating landing zones with predefined templates that embody your enterprise standards. Guardrails can automate landing zone creation across multiple accounts and regions, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Configure cloud networking

Define and deploy your organization's standard network configuration across all cloud accounts. Guardrails will deploy the resources and manage configuration drift to remediate misconfiguration or unauthorized change.

Manage account baseline settings

Define and enforce baseline settings for each account within your landing zones, such as IAM roles, networking configuration, and logging. Guardrails helps you maintain a consistent security posture across all accounts.

Enforce resource tagging

Ensure all resources in your landing zones are correctly tagged for tracking and cost allocation. Guardrails can automatically apply tags based on your enterprise's tagging strategy.

Restrict unauthorized actions

Ensure only permitted actions happen in your landing zones. Guardrails can automatically prevent unauthorized changes or access to resources in your landing zones.

Maintain separation of duties

Implement separation of duties to mitigate the risk of unauthorized or unintentional changes. Guardrails can enforce role-based access controls, ensuring that users have just enough access to perform their tasks.

Monitor configuration drift

Guardrails continuously checks your landing zones against your defined baseline settings. If a drift is detected, Guardrails can either alert your team or automatically remediate the drift.

Enable security auditing

Ensure all actions in your landing zones are logged for auditing and compliance purposes. Guardrails can enforce logging and provide a centralized view of all activities across your landing zones.

Make exceptions to the rule

Guardrails' robust hierarchical exception model makes it easy to set global rules and then — without complex coding — create exceptions for specific accounts, regions, or resources.

Get started with Guardrails

Setting up and maintaining cloud landing zones is a key part of managing a secure, scalable, and governed multi-account architecture. Turbot Guardrails provides a powerful and flexible way to manage and enforce landing zone controls across various cloud resources.

Are your landing zones set up to scale securely and efficiently? We would love to demonstrate how Guardrails can simplify this process with our policy-driven automation and a little bit of magic. Connect with us to discuss your use cases and learn how Turbot can streamline your cloud governance across AWS, Azure, and GCP.