Our inaugural Launch Week is a wrap!

New features announced for Steampipe, Turbot Pipes, and Turbot Guardrails showcase relentless progress toward the best possible cloud security and intelligence for DevOps.

Turbot Team
5 min. read - Oct 06, 2023
New features announced for Steampipe, Turbot Pipes, and Turbot Guardrails showcase relentless progress toward the best possible cloud security and intelligence for DevOps.

Our announcements this week span the breadth of Turbot offerings, from the open-source Steampipe tool and its fast-growing collection of plugins and mods, to Turbot Pipes which lifts the Steampipe ecosystem into the cloud and adds team collaboration, pipelines, and persistent storage, to Turbot Guardrails which brings new notification and tagging features to our enterprise product.

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Full Week Recap

Sunday Oct 1st: Hacktoberfest 2023

As a warmup exercise we kicked off our second Hacktoberfest. Last time we merged 38 contributions from 30 contributors representing 13 countries. We have since grown to 2,000 community members who are passionate engineers that love our open source projects as much as we do. Tune in next month for a recap of the 2023 event!

Monday Oct 2nd: Pushing Steampipe beyond limits

In v0.21.0: Dials for tuning Steampipe we announced the latest version of the popular open-source tool that now also powers Turbot Pipes. We've always pushed Steamipe to run faster and more reliably, at scale, than you ever thought possible. Because API throttling and memory pressure can hinder your ability to scan cloud infrastructure, we've doubled down on the already-impressive mechanisms that enable Steampipe to handle huge workloads gracefully.

In select * from shell; we show how the exec plugin broadens Steampipe’s core select * from cloud; mission. Run it everywhere Steampipe can run, and use it to combine SQL with shell commands. The exec plugin was a key enabler for our new Docker Compliance mod; we know you’ll find other uses for this fundamental and versatile tool.

Tuesday Oct 3rd: Go beyond reporting with Guardrails

Guardrails reports all the events and actions in your cloud environments. In Notifications for Guardrails – Instant alerts, with one-click fixes we announced custom notifications that filter alerts and direct them to the individuals and teams that need to know about specific misconfigurations and remediations. We provide templates for Slack, Teams, and email, and we show how you can easily tweak them with your own branding, links, and messaging.

In Automate your tagging strategy with Guardrails we show how Guardrails' automated tagging, which has long enabled customers to classify and contextualize cloud resources – in order to visualize infrastructure, manage compliance, and contain costs – becomes even more powerful with new tag helpers for calculated policies.

Wednesday Oct 4th: Query your infrastructure as code!

Steampipe's common model for code, data, and APIs enables DevSecOps pros to inventory cloud assets, control costs, check for compliance with standard security frameworks, investigate incidents, visualize cloud infrastructure, and answer ad-hoc questions.

In select * from code; we show how Turbot's offerings work across all layers of your stack, enabling you to shift left easily, confidently, and comprehensively.

Steampipe-powered GitOps announces a pair of new actions that enable you to run Steampipe queries and checks in GitHub workflows, flag IaC compliance issues with annotations that point directly to offending lines of YAML code, and push check results to Pipes workspaces where teams can evaluate progress toward compliance.

In Interrogate Terraform we show how our unique ability to run SQL queries against both configurations and deployed infrastructure is now enhanced with the ability to interrogate plan and state files, and to run hundreds of new controls.

A companion article, Interrogate Kubernetes, tells the same story from a K8s perspective, featuring new tables that enable you to query helm charts.

Thursday Oct 5th: Turbot Pipes: Cloud intelligence & security

In early 2022 we quietly launched a free preview of the product that would become Turbot Pipes. Many of you helped us refine it along the way, and now we celebrate the official launch in Turbot Pipes: Free for Developers, great for Teams. Building on Steampipe's SQL-powered unification of cloud APIs and thriving ecosystem of plugins and mods, Pipes enables teams to work in shared spaces that enhance Steampipe-based queries, benchmarks, dashboards with scheduled pipelines, persistence, and collaboration.

You've long been able to persist snapshots of your Pipes workspaces. In Datatank: Blow past API speed limits with scheduled data sync we announced a powerful – and complementary – new kind of persistence. Create a Datatank in your Pipes workspace to automatically synchronize live data with permanent tables that accelerate queries, benchmarks, and dashboards. Now you’ve got the best of both worlds: instant access to live data at scale when APIs can support it, and instant access to nearly-live data when they can’t.

In Zapier for DevOps we round out the Pipes story for this Launch Week. Developers of Zapier "Zaps" use a point-and-click interface to build business workflows that interconnect thousands of services. Now they can inject Pipes into those workflows to query and join across data sources that Zapier doesn’t support, and use Pipes’ SQL superpower to make more effective use of Zapier’s portfolio of apps.

Friday Oct 6th: Celebrating our community

We cherish our community of 2,000+ practitioners working together to conquer cloud complexity. In How we manage 200+ open-source repos we share the process we've built to help us respond more rapidly to your issues, bug reports, and contributions, and to track our progress as we improve.

In Keep track of all Turbot product changes with the new Turbot Changelog we announce a new changelog that spans all our offerings so you can easily monitor everything that we ship. It's a lot! Now you can see everything at a glance, and also follow the action via RSS or the #changelog channel of our Slack community.

And that's a wrap!

The features we announced this week are individually exciting, but the Turbot story is bigger than the sum of its parts. Our products work together to deliver cloud security and intelligence with incomparable breadth, depth, power, speed, and versatility. And we're still just getting started. Enjoy the current batch of new features, let us know how it goes, and stay tuned for our next Launch Week in a few months!