Turbot Guardrails Enterprise (TE) v5.39.0

Jul 05, 2022

What's new?

  • New Feature: Quick Actions
  • Updated: graphiql to 1.4.5

Quick Actions Quick Actions is a new feature that allows Turbot users to initaite specific (one time) control enforcements on their cloud environment via the Turbot UI. Cloud operations teams can use Quick Actions to remediate cloud configuration issues (e.g. enable encryption on a resource) or snooze Turbot alarms for issues that we want to come back to later. More details in the documentation. Quick actions will be rolling out across all supported cloud services in the coming months (based on your feedback); this initial release covers resources in the following AWS mods:

  • cloudtrail
  • ec2
  • kms
  • lambda
  • rds
  • s3
  • sns
  • sqs
  • vpc

Disabling the Quick Actions feature

  • Quick Actions use the permissions granted to the Turbot service user or cross-account role used to import your cloud service account into Turbot. Execution of quick actions will fail if the underlying role prevents those actions from occuring.

  • The Quick Actions feature is disabled by default, but can easily be enabled via the Turbot > Quick Actions > Enabled policy. If you would like to prevent lower level Turbot administrators from enabling Quick Actions for their cloud service accounts, then make sure you set Turbot > Quick Actions > Enabled to Disabled at the Turbot level using the Required option.

  • The policy Turbot > Quick Actions > Permission Levels offers fine-grained control over which Turbot permission levels are required to execute specific quick actions. These permission limits can be set globally and specific exceptions can be managed down to the individual cloud service account level.


  • Split package dependencies between Server and UI so they can use independent versions of GraphQL.