7-minute Labs

All of these tutorials are designed to get you up and going immediately with simple, practical examples. Get started fast, and learn as you go! Each lab is a core concept in Turbot, and a firm understanding of each will enable agile development while ensuring that the cloud is secure. Check out the Example Policy Configuration page for detailed explanations for customer oriented control objectives.

Calculated Policies in 7 minutes Learn how to use Calculated Policies to set policy values dynamically
CLI in 7 minutes Learn how to query your workspace from the command line. Build and upload your first custom mod
Custom Mod Install, Build, and Deploy Learn how to clone, install, build, and deploy a custom mod from the Turbot Development Kit (TDK) repository.
GraphQL in 7 minutes Learn to query Turbot via GraphQL, the native syntax of the Turbot API
Policy Settings in 7 minutes Learn how to create and view Policy Settings
Terraform in 7 minutes Learn how to manage your Turbot infrastructure as code using Terraform