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Filter, group and share custom views of your cloud benchmarks with Turbot Pipes.

Turbot Team
4 min. read - Mar 07, 2024
Filter, group and share custom views of your cloud benchmarks with Turbot Pipes.

A benchmark like AWS Compliance can produce a lot of data. There are dozens of dashboards, with more than a thousand controls, and you might need to run those controls over many AWS accounts. You've always been able to export the data for analysis, but it would be nice to filter and group that data right in the dashboard, and now you can.

One way to simplify things: change the search path in order to scope the dashboard's queries to one or several connections.

cis v300 with benchmark filter

But let's say you want to query all your connections and reason over the entire data set. The new Filter and Group widgets enable you to create — and share! — customized views of benchmark results.

Use Filter to constrain the view

Here's the CIS v300 benchmark from the AWS Compliance mod, filtered to show only alarms for Identity and Access Management.

cis v300 with benchmark filter

You can also filter on a dimension like account_id or region.

cis v300 with account filter

Share your custom view

At any point, you can snapshot the dashboard and share the filtered view you've created. Your filters will be in effect for recipients of your link.

Note, though, that the snapshot preserves all the benchmark data. So people can add or remove their own filters to see things differently.

Use Group to reorganize the view

Whether or not you use a filter to contrain the view, you can regroup to organize how results are shown. The default hierarchy is Benchmark / Control / Result. But here's an alternate view that uses the account_id dimension as the primary group.

cis v300 with account grouping

Now you can review results by account. Of course you can continue to adjust the filters in this per-account grouping. And here as well you can take a snapshot at any time to share a custom view with your team.

See it in action

Filter, group, and share your way to compliance clarity

With the new Filter and Group widgets in Turbot Pipes, you can easily create customized views of your benchmark results to focus on what matters most. Constrain the view with filters, reorganize it with groupings, and share insightful snapshots with your team. Pipes empowers you to analyze your compliance posture from every angle. So dive in, explore, and let us know how it goes!