Turbot Pipes for Enterprise

Pipes now supports multiple organizations, isolated tenants and SAML Authentication.

Turbot Team
5 min. read - Dec 14, 2023
Pipes now supports multiple organizations, isolated tenants and SAML Authentication.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Enterprise Tier, a comprehensive set of features designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers using Turbot Pipes.

Turbot Pipes is a cloud intelligence and security platform tailored for DevOps. It offers Zero-ETL for streamlined access to cloud data, alongside dashboards-as-code capabilities for visualizing insights and security posture. Our SOC2 Type II certified platform enables collaboration among teams to share data-driven insights, allowing members to leverage connections, send report snapshots, and communicate query results to provide the necessary context for informed decision-making.

Key Features of Turbot Pipes Enterprise

Turbot Pipes Enterprise elevates the standard of cloud intelligence and security for enterprises by building on the Team tier’s features. It offers enhanced collaboration, enterprise-grade security, and improved scalability, making it ideal for larger organizations:

  • Organization-wide cloud intelligence & security: Enables tailored data management across business units and teams for sharing insights.
  • SAML Authentication: Provides secure and seamless SSO user experience using your identity provider.
  • Multi-Organization RBAC: Allows granular access permissions across organizations and workspaces to protect sensitive data.
  • Trusted Login Domains: Significantly reduces unauthorized access by restricting logins to trusted domains.
  • Consolidated Usage and Billing: Simplifies resource and financial tracking with tenant-level visibility plus per organization/workspace details.

Transparent, Scalable Pricing

Turbot Pipes is free for Developers, allowing exploration and personal use at no cost. The Team tier elevates team productivity and coordination. The Enterprise tier provides organization-wide security starting at $249 per month, includes three users, 10,000 compute minutes, and 100GB of storage. Scale up as needed, adding more users and paying only for the additional compute and storage you require, with the flexibility to cancel anytime.

Turbot Pipes Pricing 2023

For additional information, please visit our Pricing page.

Get Started with a 14-day Free Trial

Getting started with Turbot Pipes is simple. Sign up for the Developer free tier at When you're ready to explore further, unlock more features by upgrading to the Team or Enterprise tier starting with a 14-day free trial.

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