Turbot Pipes 2023 annual SOC 2 Type II compliance

We're excited to announce that Turbot Pipes has received its annual SOC 2 Type II certification.

Turbot Team
2 min. read - May 23, 2023
We're excited to announce that Turbot Pipes has received its annual SOC 2 Type II certification.

Turbot Pipes (Formerly known as Steampipe Cloud) is a cloud intelligence and security platform that enables users to leverage SQL-based analysis across all of their cloud services & data sources, gain insights, improve their security posture, and manage their workloads from a single pane. Optimized for scalability, central management, and team collaboration, Turbot Pipes works seamlessly with your Steampipe CLI queries, benchmarks, and dashboards.

Earning and maintaining our customers' trust is of the utmost importance to us at Turbot. Our operations, product, and engineering teams are dedicated to ensuring that our products are designed, architected, and developed with relentless focus on the security of our products and of our customers' data. We invest heavily in security, and today we are excited to share that Turbot has once again obtained our annual SOC 2 Type II compliance for Turbot Pipes.

We have always delivered best-in-class security. This year, we have continued our security awareness training for all employees, maintained our CIS Benchmark Certification, successfully passed multiple Well-Architected audits for our cloud partnerships and remained steadfast in our commitment to our privacy policy covering GDPR, CCPA, and Privacy Shield requirements.

Achieving this certification once more affirms our commitment to meet and exceed our customers' expectations in data security, privacy, and compliance. Our annual SOC audits are conducted each April. We make the audit reports available each May, and our full SOC 2 Type II audit report is available to customers and prospects under NDA upon request. More information about our security practices can be found on our Turbot Security page.

We invite you to try Turbot Pipes and share your experiences with us in the #cloud channel of our Slack community!