Scheduled queries, benchmarks, and dashboards

Save snapshots on a scheduled basis, then share them with your team.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jan 06, 2023
Save snapshots on a scheduled basis, then share them with your team.

Turbot Pipes provides a flexible and comprehensive scheduler that runs queries, benchmarks, and dashboards on a regular basis, and saves snapshots for review.

Snapshot and Share a Benchmark, Dashboard, or Query

When you take a snapshot of a benchmark, dashboard, or query, the result is a saved rendering that displays instantly. Share a private link with your team in Turbot Pipes, or a magic link with anyone.

Schedule a Snapshot

You can also schedule snapshots. This is incredibly useful for building a historical record, reviewing changes over time, and tracking progress toward compliance. Turbot Pipes supports Weekly, Daily, Hourly, and Custom (with `cron`` syntax) scheduling options.

Notify Your Team with Summarized Results

Turbot Pipes can keep your team in the loop by sending notifications with summarized results. Add a Webhook URL for Slack or Microsoft Teams, and your team will receive notifications that summarize a dashboard's cards or query results.

Visualize Change Over Time

As your cloud resources change, so does your compliance status. Now, with scheduled snapshots, you can visualize how things change over time.

Get started with Turbot Pipes

Turbot Pipes delivers an unmatched ability to query and visualize cloud resources. With scheduled snapshots, your team stays continually aware of the state of your cloud infrastructure. Connect with us to get started.