We speak SQL

Stop hacking around with scripts; get real work done with the data access standard that's been rocking it for 4 decades.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Apr 06, 2022
Stop hacking around with scripts; get real work done with the data access standard that's been rocking it for 4 decades.

Turbot Pipes uses Steampipe to enable SQL queries of your cloud infrastructure, SaaS apps, logs, and more. As both a user and developer, you benefit from SQL's ability to unify diverse APIs. Whether the data comes from cloud infra (AWS, Azure, GCP), SaaS apps (GitHub, Salesforce), or config data in Terraform files, it all resolves to SQL tables that you can query individually and join together.

Perform Security Compliance Checks

Use Turbot Pipes to ensure that your cloud resources comply with security benchmarks such as CIS, NIST, and SOC2. Run these SQL-defined checks smoothly, and share reports with your team.

Visualize Your Data

Use mods to visualize cloud resources on a curated set of dashboards. You can also build custom dashboards using our dashboards-as-code approach: write HCL to define dashboard widgets, and SQL to flow data into them.

Choose from a Broad Set of Plugins

Steampipe's community-driven plugin ecosystem maps APIs to tables that you can query with SQL. Plugin categories include Cloud, SaaS, Security, Identity, DevOps, Networking, IaC, Logs, Social Media, and more. Popular plugins include AWS, Azure, GCP, GitHub, and Slack.

Enjoy Diverse Client Support

Query tables in your Steampipe workspaces with any SQL client that can connect to Postgres. CLI tools include Steampipe's own steampipe query as well as psql and pgcli. BI tools include Apache Superset, Metabase, and Tableau. Supported languages include Go, Python, JavaScript, and every other language with a Postgres driver.

Monitor Costs and Resource Tagging

Use mods to keep track of cloud expenses, verify the consistency of tags applied to resources across different cloud providers, and thereby ensure organized, cost-effective operations.

Gain Insights and Evaluate your Security Posture

The curated dashboards visualize cloud resources using charts, tables, and relationship graphs. They also provide benchmarks to evaluate the security posture of your cloud environment using a long list of frameworks and standards including CIS, FedRAMP, GDPR, NIST, and SOC 2.

Build Custom Plugins and Mods

You can extend Steampipe's capabilities with custom plugins for your own APIs, as Claranet France did. And while the prebuilt mods are already deep and comprehensive, they're also easy to reuse and remix.

Join a Thriving Community

Steampipe's vibrant community thrives on feedback and involvement. You can ask questions, contribute by developing plugins, or even join the Turbot team.

Get Started with Turbot Pipes

Turbot Pipes delivers an unmatched ability to query and visualize cloud resources. Harness the power of SQL for your APIs and cloud resources. Connect with us to get started.