Pipes for financial security and finops

Find and eliminate unnecessary cloud costs.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Mar 09, 2022
Find and eliminate unnecessary cloud costs.

Use Turbot Pipes to gain granular insights into cloud spending, helping to identify waste and improve your organization's financial security.

Financial Metadata and Tagging

Tagging is a powerful feature that aids in cost allocation, tracking, and management. With Turbot Pipes, you can query resources based on tags to better understand the cost implications of different projects, departments, or other divisions within your organization, and you can check to make sure all resources within your organization have the correct tag keys and values.

Find unused resources

Use Turbot Pipes to identify unused or underutilized resources that are silently adding to your cloud bill. These could include idle compute instances, unattached volumes, or unused IP addresses. Once identified, these resources can be decommissioned or repurposed, providing immediate cost savings.

Financial Analysis and Planning

Use Turbot Pipes DB integration feature to compare spend over time to planned allocation and budgets, allowing you to better forecast growth and find savings opportunities.

Service Cost Allocation

Up your game even further and use your Turbot Pipes cloud configuration data to measure the granular cost to deliver a service or feature, or integrate it directly with your billing or cost allocation system.

Find older non-optimized resource types

Cloud providers are constantly releasing new, higher performance and lower-cost features. Use Turbot Pipes to identify these resources in your cloud infrastructure, providing an opportunity to replace or upgrade them with more cost-effective and efficient alternatives.

Find misconfigured services

Misconfigured services not only pose a security risk but can also lead to unnecessary costs. With Turbot Pipes, you can query your cloud resources to identify misconfigurations, such as multiples of the same service configuration, resources in unused regions and features that are enabled but not used.

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