Pipes for security posture assessment

Our CSPM delivers unmatched breadth and depth of coverage.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Feb 11, 2022
Our CSPM delivers unmatched breadth and depth of coverage.

Turbot Pipes offers broader coverage and more depth than any other CSPM on the market – by a wide margin. With plugin support for 100+ cloud services, and thousands of pre-built open-source control objectives to run, Turbot Pipes protects your organization's multi-cloud infrastructure continuously and comprehensively.

Use all the clouds

Turbot Pipes seamlessly integrates with over 100 cloud services, including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle, IBM and many more. Whether you have a diverse multi-cloud environment or use a single cloud platform, our solution covers a wide range of services, ensuring that no corner of your infrastructure goes unassessed.

Run pre-built benchmarks and controls

Use Turbot Pipes to assess your environment. There are thousands of pre-built open-source control ready to run. They embody current best practices shared by industry experts, plus our own domain expertise: Over the last decade, we have helped some of the world's largest companies tackle their compliance and security challenges. When you sign up for Turbot Pipes you tap into a broad and deep set of assessments tailored to industry best practices. Think of the time you'll save, versus creating your own security assessments from scratch!

Be current, avoid surprises

We understand that cloud services and security best practices evolve at a rapid pace. That's why we constantly expand and update our library of controls. With Turbot Pipes, you'll have up-to-date security assessments for the latest cloud services and technologies, so you can stay ahead of emerging threats and industry changes.

Customize with SQL

Turbot Pipes offers an extensive library of pre-built controls. But we know that every organization's security posture is unique, so you can also write custom controls that tailor assessment criteria for your needs. And it's surprisingly easy to write a custom control! Enjoy the flexibility to define security benchmarks that reflect your industry, compliance standards, and internal policies.

Give and receive

Turbot Pipes thrives on a vibrant community of contributors. We pool our collective expertise to foster a collaborative environment that benefits all of us. Join our community, contribute your own controls, and access a wealth of assessments built by like-minded security professionals.

Get started today with Turbot Pipes

When you assess the security posture of your multi-cloud infrastructure, don't settle for limited coverage. Turbot Pipes offers an unmatched breadth of coverage with plugins for 100+ cloud services and thousands of pre-built open-source controls, constantly updated to meet your evolving security needs.

Sign up for a free Turbot Pipes developer account today and embark on a journey toward unparalleled collaboration in cloud querying. Together, let's unleash the true potential of your cloud infrastructure!