Pipes for custom dashboards

Build and share custom dashboards with tools built for DevOps teams, not desk jockeys.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jan 12, 2022
Build and share custom dashboards with tools built for DevOps teams, not desk jockeys.

Turbot Pipes provides a huge set of benchmarks and dashboards out of the box. You can also build custom Turbot Pipes benchmarks and dashboards to gain unparalleled insights into resource allocation, service usage, role-based access control, and system health. Enable your organization to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Experience dashboards as code

With Turbot Pipes' dashboards as code approach, you write HCL to define dashboard widgets, and SQL to flow data into them. Enjoy the benefits of version control and collaboration as you deliver customized views of compliance and resource allocation across your cloud infrastructure.

Remix Dashboards

You can easily remix and reuse the batteries-included dashboards. And it's surprisingly easy to add your own custom benchmarks and controls.

Use and create relationship graphs

Powerful relationship graphs make complex subsystems legible. Turbot Pipes provides many of these visualizations out of the box, e.g. Kubernetes RBAC. But don't stop there! You can also use HCL + SQL to make your own custom relationship graphs.

Schedule snapshots

Schedule snapshots of your custom benchmarks and dashboards to track changes over time, review progress towards compliance, and share status with your team (or anyone with a link).

Enjoy live editing

As you create a custom dashboad using HCL + SQL, you see results immediately in your favorite code editor.

Make data-driven decisions

Use and customize Turbot Pipes to drive data-driven decisions. Gain a holistic view of your cloud infrastructure, identify misconfigurations, optimize resource allocation, and align your operations with business objectives.

Get started today with Steampipe Dashboards

Make informed decisions, optimize operations, and achieve operational excellence by adding your own custom dashboards to the comprehensive built-in dashboards provided by Turbot Pipes.

Sign up today for a free Turbot Pipes developer account today, and start building your own benchmarks and dashboards.