Pipes for collaborative querying

Use shared SQL queries to build organizational knowledge.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jan 28, 2022
Use shared SQL queries to build organizational knowledge.

Unlock the true potential of your cloud infrastructure with Turbot Pipes, a platform designed from the ground up for collaborative analysis of your cloud infrastructure. With Turbot Pipes, your teams can use SQL queries to delve into your organization's entire cloud infrastructure. Cloud operations and security professionals are empowered as never before.

Make SQL a team sport

Members of a Turbot Pipes organization work together to craft queries that enable collective team awareness of the state of your multi-cloud infrastructure. Imagine the possibilities when your cloud operations and security teams collaborate in realtime, exchanging knowledge, refining queries, and uncovering hidden patterns.

Be more efficient

When you capture organizational knowledge with shared SQL queries, teams work better together. Building on each others' insights, they accelerate resolution of critical issues and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Streamline cloud operations

Teams use shared queries to diagnose misconfigured infrastructure, find and eliminate unused resources, optimize infrastructure configurations, troubleshoot incidents, monitor system health, and make data-driven decisions to ensure optimal cloud performance. Turbot Pipes empowers your cloud operations team to become more proactive, responsive, and agile.

Redefine cloud security

Collaboration matters everywhere, but especially in cloud security. Turbot Pipes provides security professionals with new tools to investigate, analyze, and respond to potential threats or vulnerabilities. Using shared queries, your team can swiftly identify security risks, detect anomalies, and perform comprehensive audits across your entire cloud infrastructure. Once the team has identified a threat pattern, they can use SQL again to rapidly find the offending configuration.

Be flexible and safe

Turbot Pipes fosters collaboration, but not at the expense of the control you need! You can organize groups of accounts into access-controlled workspaces, and share configuration data without providing access to underlying cloud infrastructure. Empower your users with the ability to run and share queries securely, while retaining granular control over sensitive information.

Get started today with Turbot Pipes

Experience the transformative power of collaborative querying with Turbot Pipes. Unlock new possibilities for your cloud operations and security teams by fostering collaboration, and harnessing the collective intelligence of your organization. Empower your teams to query your cloud infrastructure with SQL, make smarter decisions, and resolve issues faster.

Sign up for a free Turbot Pipes developer account today and embark on a journey toward SQL-powered organizational knowledge. Together, let's unleash the true potential of your cloud infrastructure!