Pipes for cloud intelligence

Use data to transform the way your team manages and secures cloud infrastructure.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jan 25, 2022
Use data to transform the way your team manages and secures cloud infrastructure.

Turbot Pipes is a groundbreaking platform that uses data to revolutionize the way your team manages and secures your cloud infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive solution for cloud intelligence that includes operational reporting, security posture assessment, and custom benchmarks and dashboards.

Experience the power of data-driven cloud intelligence

At the core of Turbot Pipes is a commitment to data-driven cloud intelligence. By enabling you to use SQL queries to explore your organization's entire cloud infrastructure, Pipes empowers cloud operations and security professionals to collaborate, rapidly assess problems, and streamline operations.

Prepare for audits with confidence

Use Turbot Pipes to prepare for third-party audits and avoid surprises. No more herding cats to gather the information needed for an audit, now you can schedule queries that automatically gather the information you need to present. Join across APIs to make correlations, for example between the IP addresses of EC2 instances and their locations as found by or ipstack.

Monitor compliance continuously

Set up continuous monitoring to ensure that your environment remains compliant even after the audit. By scheduling benchmarks to run weekly or daily, you can proactively monitor and address compliance issues, identify deviations, and implement fixes promptly. Turbot Pipes also empowers your team to monitor and track corrective actions resulting from audit findings, so you're always transparent and accountable.

Respond rapidly to threats

Turbot Pipes provides security professionals with new tools to investigate, analyze, and respond to potential threats or vulnerabilities. Empower your team to swiftly identify security risks, detect anomalies, and perform comprehensive audits across your entire cloud infrastructure.

Use and extend thousands of benchmarks and dashboards

Pipes includes a broad and deep set of prebuilt benchmarks and dashboards that deliver comprehensive, data-driven views of your cloud infrastructure. But don't stop there! With our dashboards as code approach, you use HCL to define your own widgets and controls (or remix existing ones), and SQL to flow data into them. It's all code, so you enjoy the benefits of version control and collaboration in environments like GitHub and GitLab. And you team can work together in Turbot Pipes to share queries and collectively explore your cloud resources.

Get Started Today with Turbot Pipes

Experience the transformative power of data-driven cloud intelligence with Turbot Pipes. Use it to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and achieve operational excellence. Sign up for a free Turbot Pipes developer account today. Together, let's use data to unleash the true potential of your cloud infrastructure!