Permissions for @turbot/gcp-storage

Taking a look at permissions and associated grant levels for each permission for Storage:

PermissionGrant LevelHelp
storage.buckets.createOperatorCreate new buckets in a project.
storage.buckets.deleteOperatorDelete buckets.
storage.buckets.getMetadataRead bucket metadata excluding IAM policies.
storage.buckets.getIamPolicyMetadataRead bucket IAM policies.
storage.buckets.listMetadataList buckets in a project. Also read bucket metadata excluding IAM policies when listing.
storage.buckets.setIamPolicyAdminUpdate bucket IAM policies.
storage.buckets.updateOperatorUpdate bucket metadata excluding IAM policies.
storage.objects.createOperatorAdd new objects to a bucket.
storage.objects.deleteOperatorAdmin can delete objects.
storage.objects.getMetadataRead object data and metadata excluding ACLs.
storage.objects.getIamPolicyMetadataRead object ACLs returned as IAM policies.
storage.objects.listMetadataList objects in a bucket. Also read object metadata excluding ACLs when listing.
storage.objects.setIamPolicyAdminUpdate object ACLs.
storage.objects.updateOperatorUpdate object metadata excluding ACLs.