Turbot Guardrails Enterprise (TE) v5.43.0 - Added support for osquery management and operations.

May 13, 2024

What's new?

  • Server

    • Added a new GraphQL resolver for osquery to generate an enrollSecret.
    • Added new REST APIs for osquery management, which includes:
      • api/latest/osquery/enroll
      • api/latest/osquery/config
      • api/latest/osquery/logger
    • Introduced a dedicated worker, along with SQS FIFO queue and SNS topic FIFO, to run osquery operations.
    • Implemented a new serviceNowCredential resolver specifically for Kubernetes clusters.
    • Upgraded our SDK (@turbot/sdk) to version 5.15.0 and our fn toolkit (@turbot/fn) to version 5.22.0, to support FIFO queues.
  • UI

    • Added support for connecting to Kubernetes, facilitating easier integration and management.
    • Added report for AWS CIS v2.0.
    • Added report for AWS CIS v3.0.
    • Added report for Azure CIS v2.0.
    • Added report for GCP CIS v2.0.


  • TEF: 1.58.0
  • TED: 1.9.1

Base images

Alpine: 3.17.5 Ubuntu: 22.04.3