Turbot Guardrails Enterprise (TE) v5.40.1

Mar 22, 2023

What's new?

  • Added: AWS Lambda Functions report.
  • Updated: Turbot will now use AWS Terraform provider version 3.75.0 when Turbot > Stack Terraform Version [Default] is set to 0.15.*

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Timestamp display in the console now updates correctly for recently deleted mods.
  • Fixed: When an Action fails due to cloud provider throttling, Turbot will now reschedule the control that triggered the action, those actions should now be more consistently applied under heavy loads.

Note AWS IAM permissions change in this release:

  • Updated: Worker Lambda to include Elasticache permissions to support the Turbot > Cache > Health Check control.
  • Updated: Hive Manager no longer manages the authentication configuration for ElastiCache. This responsibility has shifted to Turbot Guardrails Enterprise Database.