gcp-computeengine v5.16.0 - Added support for newly supported regions in GCP Compute Engine Service, and fixed a bug to upsert data disks correctly in Guardrails

Sep 15, 2023

What's new?

  • Added support for new asia-northeast3, asia-south2, asia-southeast2, australia-southeast2, europe-central2, europe-southwest1, europe-west10, europe-west12, europe-west8, europe-west9, me-central1, me-west1, northamerica-northeast2, southamerica-west1, us-east5, us-south1, us-west3 and us-west4 regions in the GCP > Compute Engine > Regions policy.
  • Rebranded to a Turbot Guardrails Mod. To maintain compatibility, none of the existing resource types, control types or policy types have changed, your existing configurations and settings will continue to work as before.

Bug fixes

  • The real-time Event Handlers would sometimes fail to upsert data disks attached to instances in Guardrails CMDB. This is now fixed.