aws-ec2 v5.39.1 - Bugs fixed - Guardrails would sometimes upsert Snapshots and Volumes with incorrect AKAs

Feb 16, 2024

Bug fixes

  • In the previous version, while we improved on the way we discovered missing Snapshots and Volumes while processing their update events, we inadvertently introduced a bug where some resources were upserted with incorrect AKAs. Such resources with malformed AKAs should now be cleaned up automatically from the environment, and Guardrails will now discover resources more correctly and consistently than before.
  • In a previous version (v5.31.4), we implemented a feature to Discover Instances while processing their update events respectively, if those resources were missing from Guardrails CMDB. In busy environments, this would sometimes cause unnecessary Lambda executions. We've now improved this behavior to upsert the missing resources in a lighter and faster way.