Multi-cloud identity engine

Manage IAM configurations for AWS, Azure, and GCP using a rules-based policy engine with realtime remediation.

Turbot Team
3 min. read - Jul 23, 2020
Manage IAM configurations for AWS, Azure, and GCP using a rules-based policy engine with realtime remediation.

Turbot's Multi-Cloud Identity Engine is an integrated cloud identity suite for Turbot, AWS, Azure, and GCP role-based access controls (RBAC). It's a fundamental component of Turbot that works in conjunction with Turbot’s CMDB and Cloud Policy Engine.

With Turbot's Multi-Cloud Identity Engine, you can manage time-based privilege escalation, integrate a consistent identity suite across multiple cloud platforms, manage IAM configurations, and maintain a centralized view of your cloud identity landscape.

Here are the key features of Turbot's identity engine.

Multi-cloud single-pane RBAC

Centrally manage time-based access and grant permissions to users, groups, and roles from one or many directories. Consolidate your access management for Turbot along with AWS, Azure and GCP across your entire resource hierarchy.

Out-of-the-box RBAC roles

Benefit from out-of-the-box RBAC roles across various cloud services, with consistent risk leveled definitions. Turbot keeps up-to-date with changes to the cloud provider SDKs and actively updates these into your role definitions. You can modify our definitions or bring your own roles as well.

Managed time-based access keys

Easily manage Turbot and AWS Access Keys through the Turbot console, CLI, or APIs. Grant time-based keys on demand for users or pipelines.

Time-based permissions

Implement a time-based grant of permissions across your organization and cloud environments. Manage pre-approvals, time-based grants, and elevated rights effectively.

Enriched Audit Trail

Get an enriched context for audit trails with the integration of enterprise directories. Maintain visibility into user actions and role-based activities across various cloud providers with association of who the individual is from their directory profile.

Delegation to Account Owners

Cloud teams can delegate authority to allow account owners to manage access for their teams, improving efficiency and accountability.

Third-Party Collaboration

Turbot enables third-party collaboration with time-based access for partners and joint ventures, enhancing the security and flexibility of your cloud environment without the overhead of managing them in your own directory. Seamlessly integrate with their directories in a scalable and secure architecture.

IAM Configurations at Scale

With Turbot's multi-cloud IAM policy engine, you can manage IAM configurations using a rules-based policy engine with realtime remediation. Over 1000 out-of-the-box policies are available to manage access, credentials, trust-based policies, and more on AWS, Azure and GCP IAM configurations.

Preventative and Boundary Control Management

Limit actions based on service, region, configurations, privileged access, and budget for enhanced control and zero-trust protection on identities and resource access policies.

Deploy IAM Resources at Scale

Simplify the deployment of IAM resources at scale with centralized IAM resource deployments and automated drift remediation.

Get Started with Turbot

Turbot offers a robust, real-time, and automated solution for managing your cloud identities. With Turbot's Multi-Cloud Identity Engine, you can confidently navigate the complexities of identity management across multi-cloud environments. Ready to experience Turbot's magic for yourself? Connect with us to discuss your use cases and learn how Turbot can streamline your cloud identity governance.