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Compliance for Life Sciences workloads with Turbot Guardrails and AWS

Turbot Guardrails offers the ability to manage regulated workloads on the cloud.

David Boeke
5 min. read - Apr 13, 2020
Turbot Guardrails offers the ability to manage regulated workloads on the cloud.

Taking advantage of cloud economics is an attractive possibility for today’s Life Sciences organizations. When moving regulated workloads to the cloud, choosing services that ensure you can meet GxP and other compliance requirements is imperative. Turbot Guardrails offers the ability to manage regulated workloads on the cloud with features including:

  • Guardrail customization that specifies the Enterprise’s access and data protection policies for regulated workloads
  • Application isolation designed from the onset with least privilege and enforced periodic review
  • Automated adherence to regulatory policies and frameworks, including GxP and other regulatory frameworks

Guardrails for Cloud Accounts

Turbot Guardrails helps organizations that are subject to specific regulatory controls achieve operational, compliance, and security best practices in their cloud ecosystem. Turbot Guardrails solution helps IT teams implement these regulatory controls across all areas of their cloud. This includes networking, data protection, elevated access, periodic access, patch management, and reporting and audit requirements, among many other regulatory needs.

“Turbot saved us 2.5 years of implementation time by having a secure, compliant, and production ready cloud ecosystem for our Genomics workloads on AWS.” Guardrails for Cloud Accounts - IT Director Large US Pharma Company

Turbot Guardrails Provide Agility and Control

Turbot Guardrails are the cornerstone technology for Software Defined Operations, enabling consistent repeatable operations management. Guardrails utilize a robust hierarchical policy engine that gives the enterprise control at higher levels of the hierarchy, and the flexibility to create approved and documented exceptions for workloads on an account by account basis (or even at the resource level). This resolves much of the friction that can be caused by “one-size-fits-all” models that are typical of cookie-cutter approaches to cloud security.

“By bringing in Turbot, we have been able to secure our regulated cloud workloads across the company and get buy-in from all the IT departments (including security and architecture). Turbot is now mandated for all enterprise projects in AWS, and has helped the cloud team reduce costs and automate best practices.” – R&D IT Director, Large US Pharma Company

Turbot Guardrails and GxP Compliance

Turbot Guardrails is often used to create, regulate, and automate the tasks associated with meeting regulatory requirements. The platform automates 700+ configurable guardrails specifically tailored to enterprise security and operational needs, including mappings to common control frameworks and regulatory requirements (e.g. NIST, GxP and HIPAA). Guardrails protect networking, IaaS, PaaS, OS, DB, and application layers while giving application teams direct access to manage their own AWS environments. The combination of automation and federation allows the central IT team to focus on optimizing the architecture, cost and business value of their cloud applications vs. ticket fulfillment. Turbot Guardrails delivers Software Defined Operations for the enterprise cloud with automated guardrails that ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant scalable and cost optimized.

What customers are asking about Turbot Guardrails for regulated workloads:

  • How do I securely, safely, and quickly enable a cloud-first strategy for regulated workloads?

    Answer: Turbot Guardrails provides a foundational platform embedded with expertise in how to deliver an enterprise grade, production ready cloud ecosystem in hours vs. months to years.

  • How do I land net new or migrated workloads on the cloud?

    Answer: Turbot Guardrails automates deployment of safe landing zones for migration teams. These automation's allow the migration team to focus on workload migration, greatly reducing cost and time of migration activities.

  • How do I automate GxP compliance across the cloud?

    Answer: Turbot Guardrails provide operational tooling to ensure preventative and corrective controls enforce best practices and compliant architecture.

Get Started with Turbot Guardrails on AWS

Turbot Guardrails engineering and product teams bring decades of combined experience enabling cloud strategy for the largest multinational companies, including highly regulated entities in Life Sciences, Financial and Technology industries. Our Software Defined Operations Platform delivers over 600 configurable guardrails specifically tailored to enterprise security and operational needs.

Turbot Guardrails also provides mappings for guardrails options to common control frameworks and regulatory requirements (NIST, GxP, HIPAA, PCI). As part of a typical Kick Start Program, we will work with you to configure the guardrails to meet your enterprise security and compliance framework.

If you need any assistance, let us know in our Slack community #guardrails channel. If you are new to Turbot, connect with us to learn more!