Launch Week 3 is a wrap!

TL;DR? We've got you covered.

Turbot Team
4 min. read - Mar 08, 2024
TL;DR? We've got you covered.

Our announcements this week span the breadth of Turbot offerings from Guardrails' ServiceNow discovery for Azure and GCP, to Flowpipe's query trigger and interactive inputs, to our newest open-source product: Powerpipe.

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Full Week Recap

Monday Mar 4: ServiceNow discovery for Azure and GCP, gp3 migration, custom roles and groups

Building on the ServiceNow integration announced last time, Turbot Guardrails just made it a lot easier to discover Azure and GCP resources in ServiceNow.

We've also enhanced the EBS volume controls to enable automatic migration to gp3 for optimized performance and 20% cost savings.

Guardrails' multi-cloud identity management features have improved too. We've extended our time-based AWS IAM user management to include bringing your own custom IAM groups for Guardrails to manage.

Tuesday Mar 5: Flowpipe query triggers and interactive inputs

Flowpipe already had a query step to acquire data from Steampipe or another database. Now you can also use query trigger to watch a database table, fire when query results indicate new, deleted, or changed rows, and pass those changes to a pipeline.

With Flowpipe's new input step connects your data, systems and now teams in your DevOps workflow. You can pause a pipeline to gather input from people, then continue when they respond. Supported interactions, such as pressing an Approve button or choosing a value from a list, work the same way in email or Slack.

Wednesday Mar 6: Introducing Powerpipe!

Powerpipe visualizes data on dashboards, and validates it with benchmarks, via the mature ecosystem of mods that Steampipe birthed. It's the same dashboards-as-code technology that Steampipe users have enjoyed, plus new filtering and grouping for benchmarks.

While Powerpipe can use Steampipe for these purposes, though, it isn't tied to Steampipe. Powerpipe's database argument is the key that unlocks all your, data wherever it happens to live: in Steampipe, or in your own Postgres, SQLite, MySQL, or DuckDB database. Now you can visualize all that data as tables, charts, and relationship graphs. And you can validate it with custom benchmarks and controls.

In Steampipe unbundled we explain why we decoupled Steampipe's dashboards-as-code and benchmark features — the "mod" layer — from the Steampipe core. Unix philosophy holds that a software tool should do one thing well, and combine readily with others that abide by the same principle. Here's how Turbot's family of open-source products now aligns with that venerable rule.

ComponentDoes one thing well
Steampipeselect * from cloud;
FlowpipeWorkflow for DevOps.
PowerpipeDashboards for DevOps.

Thursday Mar 7: Filtering and grouping benchmarks in Pipes

Available to Pipes users today, and to Steampipe users who upgrade to Powerpipe, the new filtering and grouping widgets enable you to create — and share — custom views of benchmark-style dashboards.

Constrain the view with filters, reorganize it with groupings, and share insightful snapshots with your team. Pipes empowers you to analyze your compliance posture from every angle.

And that's a wrap!

The announcements this week are individually exciting, but the Turbot story is bigger than the sum of its parts. Our products work together to deliver cloud security and intelligence with incomparable breadth, depth, power, speed, and versatility. And there's more to come. Enjoy the current batch of new products and features, let us know how it goes, and stay tuned for our next Launch Week in a few months!