Community Highlights 2023

Join us in thanking the community members who have gone above and beyond this year.

Turbot Team
5 min. read - Dec 15, 2023
Join us in thanking the community members who have gone above and beyond this year.

In October, the community again rose to the Turbot Hacktoberfest challenge. Here's a summary of contributions.

Looking back over the whole year, there were 108 commits from 57 community members.

New plugins, in addition to those created during Hacktoberfest, were cohereai (Meet Rajesh Gor), ip2location (ip2location), openstack (sven-ernw), and tomba (Mohamed Benr).

Here's everyone who made one or more plugin contributions in 2023: adrfrank, ahlfors, aminvielledebatAtBedrock, AnykeyNL, badideasforsale, beudbeud, brentmitchell25, eric-glb, francois2metz, gabrielsoltz, hileef, jackdelab, jacksgt, janslow, japborst, jaredreisinger-drizly, jplanckeel, jramosf, juandspy, keyolk, KTamas, LalitLab, leonid-panich, lucasjellema, lwakefield, marcus-crane, mdaguete, mridang, mrkwtz, muescha, nickman, Pankaj-SinghR, pdecat, rasta-rocket, reva, rinzool, rollwagen, scotti-fletcher, srgg, tinder-tder, tylarb, villers, vmdude, Wade9320, whume.

The most prolific contributor in 2023 was Patrick Decat, with a total of 22 contributions to steampipe-mod-aws-compliance, steampipe-plugin-kubernetes, steampipe-plugin-aws, steampipe-plugin-sdk, steampipe-plugin-azure, steampipe-plugin-bitbucket, and steampipe.

The most prolific author was José Reyes who wrote an astonishing series of 13 posts, each a code-rich deep dive into some aspect of Steampipe.

Thank to everyone who participated in the Turbot community this year! We look forward to hearing from you in 2024, and from the new folks who will join during the coming year.