AWS GovCloud

Earlier this year, Turbot was recognized as an AWS Public Sector Partner. To further aid our public-sector customers, Turbot has now released support for AWS GovCloud. Building on our long history of automating compliance, security, and operations within the AWS commercial regions, moving to GovCloud was a natural extension of Turbot’s capabilities in support for our highly regulated customers.

AWS GovCloud (US) is an isolated region created for organizations with significant regulatory and compliance requirements for their cloud environments. Typically, GovCloud is utilized by government agencies, educational institutions, and government contractors. In addition to the need for a more heavily protected GovCloud environment, customers using the GovCloud region typically need to uphold and enforce compliance to standards like NIST, FedRamp, or CIS benchmarks. Turbot can help to continuously enforce these standards – offering true compliance, not just reporting.

Turbot’s support of GovCloud now allows government agencies, defense contractors, and educational institutions to ensure continuous compliance of their cloud environments. While enabling flexibility and higher levels of access for application teams, Turbot provides enterprise guardrails around the environment to ensure that our customers’ cloud environment is secure, compliant, scalable, and cost-optimized. This makes Turbot the best choice for organizations needing to automate operations and offer greater security and compliance within the GovCloud region.

To learn more about Turbot’s GovCloud offering, please Contact us. Or, schedule a demo to see how Turbot can automate operations, security, and compliance of your cloud environment.