McGraw-Hill Education logo McGraw-Hill Education is learning science company, supporting millions of students, educators, and institutions with applications running on AWS that serve tens of thousands of transactions per second. In this competitive and highly dynamic environment, developer and development team productivity is crucial to meeting the demands of their business.

Realizing that automation is the key to increasing speed while ensuring quality, McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) has partnered with Turbot to reduce repetitive manual effort and break down barriers for DevOps teams. Turbot’s Software Defined Operations platform allows MHE to quickly deliver consistent, reliable and compliant development environments, while MHE’s continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline connects these on-demand development environments to isolated production accounts, enabling what MHE calls “Accelerated Development”.

Software Defined Operations give MHE’s cloud team confidence that its Enterprise security and compliance policies are being continually enforced across both development and production by Turbot’s automated guardrails. At the same time, developers get immediate access to the AWS console and APIs that allow them to focus less on pipes and plumbing and more on solving customer needs. When operational issues do occur, Turbot’s ability to provide transparency and real-time visibility into events and logs helps the teams collaborate to resolve issues quickly.

Because of the highly competitive environment that MHE operates in, advancements in accelerated development must be balanced with cost. An additional benefit realized by the MHE team was that Turbot’s elegant point & click user interface, and consistent hierarchical permissions model made it easy to understand and implement sophisticated automation based on MHE policies. This allowed a small number of technical project managers to do the work of many costly DevOps engineers, freeing these hard-to-find resources to spend more time on customer facing features.

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