Safe Landing Zones for Enterprise Migrations

Many traditional IT vendors and systems integrators treat the shift to public cloud as an evolution of traditional data-center server migration. Using decades-old thinking and processes around security, networking, operations, and deployment can greatly impact the speed to value of your cloud migration project.

These traditional lift & shift mass migrations into the cloud often happen without thinking through the best operational and governance approaches to managing the environment over the long-term. The lack of detailed planning in these areas frequently leads to rework, longer migration timeframes and higher ongoing costs for management of your cloud.


Turbot believes that public cloud (IaaS and PaaS) presents a clear transformational shift for Enterprise IT. This change requires a new approach for operations, planning, migration, and service transition of cloud platforms; including new skills and tools for the teams executing the change. The result of this transformation will be an IT organization dedicated to the principles and practice of Software Defined Operations (SDOps) as the new way of working with their Software Defined Infrastructure.

Safe Landing Zones

Turbot’s safe landing zone approach gives the cloud team the ability to stamp out repeatable patterns of migration account landing zones for dev/test and production instances. Each application team gets full access to deploy and test their application in their own landing zone and through that process discover and document the approach for production cut-over.

To read more about Turbot’s accelerators for enterprise application migration, please request a copy of our white paper, “Safe Landing Zones for Enterprise Migrations”, or contact us to schedule a demo.