Last week, Turbot was recognized as a Life Sciences Competency Partner by Amazon Web Services. Turbot is just the eighth APN Technology Partner to achieve this recognition; the relatively small size of this group is a testament to the complexity of the domain and the deep subject matter expertise needed to deliver on the heterogeneous cloud architecture challenges these companies face.

Turbot Digital Health

Cloud technologies are playing an enormous role in creating new life sciences business models and in changing the cost structure of traditional ones. Personalized medicine (driven by digital genomics) and personalized health (driven by sensors mobile devices) are transforming disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The vast scale of the data sets and number of devices involved in this transformation require new approaches to infrastructure delivery and present new challenges on how to secure health related data.

At the same time, traditional enterprise players are being challenged by unprecedented amounts of capital flowing into startups from venture firms looking to stake a place in this dynamic market. According to RockHealth, venture funding for digital health companies in 2015 was $4.5B; This represents 302 deals across 267 companies, with an average deal size of $14.8M.

Enterprises that are successfully competing with these nimble and well funded startups rely on cloud automation to give their application development teams the agility they need while meeting enterprise security and regulatory requirements. The added benefits of pay-as-you go pricing & cost visibility gives the enterprise financial justification to take chances on infrastructure intensive projects and directly measure their return on investment.

Translational medicine and other computationally intensive science domains also want to use cloud infrastructure to help cost optimize and accelerate research. R&D researchers often lead the charge here, but leading IT teams enable this innovation though thoughtful implementation of cloud automation that turns the traditional IT bottleneck into an innovation engine for research. As a result, the pharmaceutical businesses who are leading in cloud-based operations also benefit from moving legacy workloads to the cloud; often finding it more cost effective, secure and compliant than existing on premise offerings. At Celgene, for instance, Turbot automatically provides continuous security and compliance enforcements that operate programmatically allowing Celgenes Cloud Infrastructure team to focus less on managing a cloud platform and more on architecting mature cloud patterns.

Here at Turbot, we have seen an enormous uptick over the last year in the urgency of our Life Sciences partners to enable the full value of cloud for their enterprise. They have seen that enablement of self-service and providing native tools to application teams turns around the perception of IT and unlocks the value of their cloud initiatives. Turbot is enormously proud to be an Advanced AWS Technology Partner, to be recognized as a Life Sciences Competency Partner and to be one of companies shaping this unique market.