Mumbai Map

We were so excited to hear yesterday about AWS’ new Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region, we enabled support for the Mumbai region within 24 hours!

Support for the Mumbai region covers all existing Turbot guardrails for customers to use. Turbot supports all AWS regions, automatically enforcing hundreds of guardrails to provide continuous security and compliance across the AWS, networking, OS, DB, and application configuration tiers.

Here are a few examples of AWS region guardrails automatically covered by Turbot with zero touch from the customer:

  • Setup of Mumbai S3 Logging Bucket per account.
  • Setup CloudTrail recording to send logs to the Mumbai S3 Logging Bucket.
  • Setup Config logs to the Mumbai S3 Logging Bucket.
  • Networking controls for Mumbai networks and VPC components.
  • Auto delete unnecessary default VPCs in Mumbai region.
  • Ability to enable/disable 30+ AWS Services supported in Mumbai through Turbot’s IAM guardrails.
  • Detect and repair unsupported resources running in Mumbai across various AWS Services.