Control types for @turbot/gcp-build

GCP > Build > API Enabled

Check whether GCP Build Service API is enabled.

API Enabled refers specifically to the API state of a service in a cloud project.
This control determines whether the API state is set as per desired level.

The GCP > Build Service > API Enabled control compares
the API state against the API Enabled policies,
raises an alarm, and takes the defined enforcement action.


GCP > Build > CMDB

Record and synchronize details for the GCP Build into the CMDB.

The CMDB control is
responsible for populating and updating all the attributes for that
resource type in the Guardrails CMDB.

Note: If CMDB is set to Skip for a resource, then it will not be added
to the CMDB, and no controls that target it will run.


GCP > Build > Discovery

Discover GCP Build resources and add them to the CMDB.

The Discovery
control is tasked with identifying instances for a particular resource.
The Discovery control will periodically search for new target resources and
save them to the Guardrails CMDB. Once discovered, resources are then
responsible for tracking changes to themselves through the
CMDB control.