Control types for @turbot/aws-shield

AWS > Shield > Protection > Active

Take an action when an AWS Shield protection is not active based on the AWS > Shield > Protection > Active > * policies.

The Active control determines whether the resource is in active use, and if not, has the ability to delete / cleanup the resource. When running an automated compliance environment, it's common to end up with a wide range of alarms that are difficult and time consuming to clear. The Active control brings automated, well-defined control to this process.

The Active control checks the status of all defined Active policies for the resource (AWS > Shield > Protection > Active > *), raises an alarm, and takes the defined enforcement action. Each Active sub-policy can calculate a status of active, inactive or skipped. Generally, if the resource appears to be Active for any reason it will be considered Active.

Note the contrast with Approved, where if the resource appears to be Unapproved for any reason it will be considered Unapproved.

See Active for more information.


AWS > Shield > Protection > Approved

Take an action when an AWS Shield protection is not approved based on AWS > Shield > Protection > Approved > * policies.

The Approved control checks the status of the defined Approved sub-policies for the resource. If the resource is not approved according to any of these policies, this control raises an alarm and takes the defined enforcement action.

For any enforcement actions that specify if new, e.g., Enforce: Delete unapproved if new, this control will only take the enforcement actions for resources created within the last 60 minutes.

See Approved for more information.


AWS > Shield > Protection > CMDB

Record and synchronize details for the AWS Shield protection into the CMDB.

The CMDB control is responsible for populating and updating all the attributes for that resource type in the Turbot CMDB.

If set to Skip then all changes to the CMDB are paused - no new resources will be discovered, no updates will be made and deleted resources will not be removed.

To cleanup resources and stop tracking changes, set this policy to "Enforce: Disabled".


AWS > Shield > Protection > Discovery

Discover all AWS Shield protection resources and add them to the CMDB.

The Discovery control is responsible for finding resources of a specific type. It periodically searches for new resources and saves them to the CMDB. Once discovered, resources are then responsible for tracking changes to themselves through the CMDB control.


AWS > Shield > Protection > Usage

The Usage control determines whether the number of AWS Shield protection resources exceeds the configured usage limit for this account.

You can configure the behavior of this control with the AWS > Shield > Protection > Usage policy, and set the limit with the AWS > Shield > Protection > Usage > Limit policy.