Turbot aws security hub

Turbot provides governance for a number of AWS security, identity, and compliance products. Turbot has recently expanded our coverage for AWS Security Hub announced today during the AWS Reinvent 2018 Keynote. Turbot delivers public cloud governance for the enterprise with automation that verifies your cloud infrastructure is secure, compliant, scalable and cost optimized. Turbot’s policy model helps enterprises validate that AWS Security Hub is setup and configured according to defined enterprise policies to manage security alerts and compliance checks centrally across AWS accounts and workloads. Turbot automatically sends security and compliance event details to AWS Security Hub in real-time to further enhance visibility for customers to have a single pane of glass of their AWS and Turbot event details in AWS Security Hub.

Turbot Enables AWS Security Hub in Multiple Accounts

Turbot allows you to enable / disable AWS Security Hub in multiple AWS accounts. This will block users from managing AWS Security Hub per account and allow central configuration management to be enforced globally or managed through exceptions per account and per instance. Turbot can enable / disable specific regions allowed for AWS Security Hub resources.

As part of Turbot’s identity engine, enterprises can easily assign AWS Security Hub role based access controls (RBAC) and identity policies consistent with other Turbot managed policies. In addition, Turbot RBAC policies can be applied as time-based grants.

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