Turbot, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, has always had a deep focus on the needs of our clients, including some of the world’s largest regulated enterprises moving to public cloud. Taking the time to understand the complexity of their unique requirements has honed our expertise & knowledge of AWS services and helped us effectively fine-tune guardrails to meet a diverse set of security and governance challenges.

AWS Security Partner badge

Turbot was recently awarded an achievement few organizations have received: the AWS Security Competency. This designation is only achieved when a company, like Turbot, has clearly demonstrated technical expertise with numerous clients on AWS, has a strong AWS practice and process, and proactively adheres & enforces AWS Security Best Practices; we are proud to be recognized by the leader of the cloud infrastructure providers as a best-practice offering for their customers.

Turbot for AWS provides benefits for a broad set of customer cloud security needs, few examples:

  • Breaking down the barriers of managing cloud security: Turbot provides over 550 out-of-the-box policies and controls mapped to common compliance frameworks like NIST, HIPAA, CIS, FedRamp, GxP, PCI, Etc.
  • Automated CIS hardening of EC2 instances: Amazon Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Redhat, Oracle Enterprise Linux, and the AWS EMR Operating System.
  • Automated Guardrails for security group management and hardening of network configuration.
  • Automated whitelisting of approved Amazon services.
  • Automated central tag management controls to enforce static and dynamic AWS key-value pair tags across Amazon services.
  • Automated enforcement of encryption, audit logging and data protection policies.
  • AD/LDAP Integrated Identity and access management with federated authentication via AWS Security Token Service (STS).
  • Time-limited elevated permission grants with fine-grained access controls.
  • Cloud Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that provides real-time search and transparency of cloud configurations across all your AWS accounts and services.

Turbot understands and embraces the complexity of providing the highest levels of security and control to the enterprise while ensuring that application teams still achieve agility and maximize value from their cloud architecture. Turbot’s platform allows these enterprise customers to automatically prevent, detect and remediate security risks & vulnerabilities in their environment while allowing development teams to accelerate their process through native use of the AWS console and APIs.

At McGraw-Hill Education, for instance, Turbot automatically provides continuous security and compliance enforcements that operate programmatically allowing the cloud operations team to focus less on managing a cloud platform and more on improvement and cost control of their cloud infrastructure.

Turbot is enormously proud to be an Advanced AWS Technology Partner, to be recognized as an AWS Security Partner, to be recognized as an AWS Life Sciences Partner, and to be one of the companies shaping this unique market. To learn more about Turbot please reach out and request a demo.