Uninstalling Mods

Mods may be uninstalled from the Mods tab on the Turbot resource.

While this may occasionally be necessary, uninstalling a mod is potentially destructive operation – All items related to the mod will be removed, including resources, controls, permissions,and policy settings!

Uninstall Mod via Turbot Console

  1. Navigate to the Admin page by clicking the gear icon in the top right after logging in.
  2. Click the Mods tab, then search for the mod to uninstall.
  3. Either click the X icon on the mod tile (far right) or click the mod name then select Uninstall in the top right.
  4. Uninstalling is a serious operation with destructive consequences - you must confirm the deletion by entering the mod name in the dialog. Read the warning, and if you wish to uninstall the mod, type the full name in the text box.
  5. After clicking the Uninstall button, the mod will be uninstalled and removed from the list.

Uninstall Mod via Terraform

To uninstall a mod via Terraform, simply remove the definition from the configuration file. Terraform apply will automatically uninstall the mod.

Troubleshooting Mod Removal

If removing a mod times out, follow the troubleshooting instructions for mod removal in large environments.