Installing Mods

By definition, mods are installed with the top Turbot resource as the parent. This means that administrators must be at the Turbot resource level with Turbot/Owner permissions to make modifications, installing, uninstalling, or updating, to mods in the environment.

Install Mod via Turbot Console

  1. Log into the console. If the user profile has sufficient permissions assigned, a gear icon signalling the Admin page is in the top right. Select that.
  2. Click on the Mods tab.
  3. Click the Install Mod button to launch the Install Mod dialog.
  4. Browse to the mod (or search), select it, and then click the Install Mod button at the bottom of the window.
  5. At this point, Turbot has launched the Mod Installed control to pull the mod from the registry and complete the installation. The mod will appear in the list, but the status icon may appear as a question mark, noting that the mod is not yet installed. Once the mod has finished installing, the status icon will change to a green check.
  6. If desired, the mod name can be clicked to load the mod page, which has information regarding dependent controls, upgrade history, and dependencies.

Install Mod via Terraform

The Terraform resource turbot_mod makes it easy for organizations to install, uninstall, and update a large number of mods across an environment.

Example Terraform code

resource "turbot_mod" "aws-s3" {
  parent    = "tmod:@turbot/turbot#/"
  org       = "turbot"
  mod       = "aws-s3"
  version   = "5.5.2"

Note that multiple mods can be installed via a single Terraform file. Pay close attention to dependencies when doing so!

Check out Turbot's Terraform Setup Guide for configuration instructions. Documentation for the Turbot provider can be found on the official Terraform reference page. Information regarding various Turbot provider resources and data sources can also be found at that link.

Install Mod via CLI

Installing mods via the CLI requires installing and configuring the Turbot CLI.

Utilizing the install command, it is trivial to install any desired mod. For example, going back to the s3 mod, the CLI command becomes

turbot install @turbot/aws-s3

Syntax will be similar across other mod types, such as @turbot/aws-sns, @turbot/gcp, etc.